Advantages of Auto Bricks for Stable Buildings

A highly controlled processing method certifies excellent Auto Bricks quality. If you want to reduce building costs, you need it. Plus, it increases the lifespan of your structure. Auto bricks are the first choice of the top engineers in Bangladesh. This product gives you a hazard-proof and earthquake-proof home. Let’s jump into the details about the advantage of auto brick.

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Types of Auto Bricks

What Are the Types of Auto Bricks

Seven types of auto bricks rule the market. They are -

  • Solid auto bricks
  • 3-hole auto bricks
  • 6-hole auto bricks
  • 10-hole auto bricks
  • Curbstone
  • Ceramic roofing tiles
  • Interlock
  • Paver
  • Picket auto bricks

Also, there are three categories of bricks depending on their components. They are -

  • Clay bricks
  • Cement bricks
  • Fly ash bricks
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Advantage of Auto Brick for All Construction Projects

Affordable Bricks

Affordable Bricks

Auto bricks can reduce building costs. They are larger than traditional bricks. For instance, 800 auto bricks can do what requires 1000 conventional bricks. Also, there is no size and shape variation to cause any wastage.

Masonry and plastering expenses diminish by a 30% margin. Moreover, you can avoid maintenance costs to a great extent. You get a stable structure for a lifetime.

Auto Bricks Dimensions

Auto Bricks Dimensions

Perhaps, the steady proportions of the auto bricks are the biggest perk. The construction industry is all about proportions. So builders need not worry about brick size inconsistencies. You get building components with the same height, weight, and length.

Auto Brick Strength

Auto Brick Strength

They have a strength of 5000 to 8500 PSI and can be BUET-tested. Machine-built auto bricks offer similar performance with near perfection. You cannot differentiate two items regarding their resilience and appearance.

Meticulous Processing

Proper molding of clay guarantees durable auto bricks. The dry chamber prepares the raw bricks. Accurate temperatures, airflow, and proffer time add to the item's toughness.

Environment - Friendly Bricks

Environment - Friendly Bricks

Smart brick kilns require about 30% less energy than traditional wood or coal-based ones. Moreover, auto brickfields recycle heat to dry out green bricks.

They emit no black smoke whatsoever. Thus there is less CO2 gas emission into the atmosphere. Your choice of auto bricks has a positive ecological impact.

Earthquake - Proof Walls

Earthquake - Proof Walls

Auto bricks reduce the dead weight of a structure. Besides, the tremendous tenacity of smart bricks can give a building incredible earthquake resistance.

Hazard - Proof Walls

It can actively prevent noise pollution. Moreover, it can resist fire and heat. So, building residents can enjoy a peaceful life.

Architectural Objectives

Architectural Objectives

With it, you can create quality arches and cornices. So the structure can aesthetically stand out from the pack. It delivers a graceful look to your building.


Auto bricks are free from salinity and moisture. These two lethal components can cause havoc on a building. BUET-tested items are practical solutions for the humid Bangladeshi climate.

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Last Words

Eco-friendly auto bricks are gradually becoming popular in Bangladesh. High-end material quality and performance ensure its popularity. Plus, low-cost auto bricks win many hearts. Modern brick technology has incredibly advanced scopes.

The latest kilns produce extremely controlled temperatures. Hence you get flawless use of the final product. N. Biswas Group is the best auto bricks producer in Bangladesh, you can choose their bricks for building your dream house.

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People Also Ask

Auto bricks weigh around 3-3.5 KGs.

For Bangladesh, the standard brick size is 10X5X3 inches. Also, auto bricks can be about 9.5 x4.5 x2.75 (inches).

The price of regular auto bricks is approximately 15 Taka or so. Besides, auto ceramic bricks in Dhaka are 20 to 24 BDT. Again, solid ones cost more. The more holes, the lesser the prices.

You can buy the best auto bricks from NB Auto Bricks Ltd.

The crushing strength hovers between 5000-8000 psi. But the number may change to fulfill your requirements.

No, they do not bend.

No, there is no black core in them.

Yes, there could be about 3% of shrinkage. However, it varies across brick kilns depending on the machine's quality.

The color is uniform red or ash with a smooth finish.

The water absorption rate stands between 10-11%.

We ship auto bricks in packets. We load them on automatic pick-ups using inbuilt cranes. Our extra care ensures unbroken products.

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