Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR by N. Biswas Group

As a part of social responsibility, N. Biswas Group engages with various charitable giving, aware people under different programs.

Specifications of the Madrasa

Religious Programme

Every corporate organization does various things as a part of its social responsibility. To establish a mosque, madrasa, and orphanage N. Biswas Group doing their corporate social responsibility in a significant way.

N. Biswas Group established Idris Ali Biswas Islamia Madrasa & Mosque in Kustia as a symbol of social responsibility.

Nuruzzaman Biswas Degree College

Education Programme

As a token of Corporate Social Responsibilities N. Biswas Group established the following institutions in the education and cultural sector.

  • Scholarship to poor meritorious students
  • Nuruzzaman Biswas Degree College
  • Nuruzzaman Biswas Auditorium
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