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Nuruzzaman Biswas Tower (NB Tower)

Nuruzzaman Biswas Tower (NB Tower)

NB tower stands for Nuruzzaman Biswas Tower and it is located in Gulshan – 2. Which is a very popular place in Dhaka city. NB tower is a commercial building build according to the standards of Rajuk Dhaka. We have total office spaces of 50000 square feet with three underground basements. In this building we put lots of modern facilities to consume less energy and save the environment.
Our building Applications:
• Level 1 (Ground floor)- 2000 sft (Approx)
• Level 2 (1st floor)- 2800 sft (Approx)
• Level 3 to 13th floor- 3750 sft (Approx)
• Total car parking –42 with parking management system
• Fire fighting system on each floor with fire alarm, water sprinkler      and staircase pressurization system. (UL Listed)
• 2 * 14 persons high speed lift and 1 (one) cargo lift
• Full load 2 (two) stand by generator with power synchronization and    load management
• Dry type transformer, BBT system
• Booster pumping system
• 24mm double Glazed tempered and insulation glass from Shanghai    Yaohua Pilkington (SYP) China
• Spider stainless steel grade 316