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Nuruzzaman Biswas Industries Ltd. (Plant Fiber Mosquito Coil)

We are Manufacturing First Time ever in the country “Rocket Plant Fiber Mosquito Coil” which is considered to be safest, effective and at the same it is environment friendly. It is produced in full automatic machine and all the technologies are from China. We have all the approval /certification from the government to use “Dimefluthrin” which is most effective for killing mosquitos and other harmful insects without affecting human body. Our formulation process starts with recycling a product. That is why we say our product is ECO friendly. Our factory is located in “Allardorga” Kushtia. Factory area is more than 10 bigha with 50000 square feet of production shade.

We are Manufacturing Best Quality Fiber/ Paper Coil in Bangladesh.

Rocket Plant Fiber Mosquito Coils

Mosquito Coils are an effective insecticide, protecting against mosquitoes and other flying insects, it can be used in your rooms or in your backyard to provide protection against mosquitoes, deer flies, sand flies, black flies, ticks, and other insects. When lit, the coil releases an active insect repellent along with the smoke which is also a natural deterrent. Each coil provides up to 12hours protection and for better result each coil repels insects by 12ft x 12ft area and it’s easy to use. Protect yourself and your family from those annoying insects when enjoying time inside or outside your home.



Brand Name ROCKET
Pest Type Mosquito
Pest Control Type Pesticide
Place Of Origin Kushtia, Bangladesh
Ingredient 0.005% Dimefluthrin
Feature Disposable, Eco-friendly
Scent Mixed Flowers
Application Home, Office, Hotel, Restaurants etc
Effective Time Burning time 7-8 hours and 12 hours protection
Thickness 2.3-2.5mm
Size 145mm
Each pair of coils weight 23-25gm


Advantage of Plant fiber mosquito coil:

  1. New eco-friendly plant fiber or paper mosquito coil.
  2. Effective within 15 seconds, powerful effect against mosquitos but not harmful to humans.
  3.  Used in the house, hotel, restaurant, office, backyards etc.
  4. Low Smoke, no offensive odor.
  5. Factory Direct Research, Production & Sale.
  6. Lowest Price and best Quality.


  1. Unbreakable Mosquito Coil.
  2. Easy to ignite.
  3. No offensive odor.
  4. Micro-Smoke Mosquito coil.
  5. Easy to Divided.
  6. Non-Dirty Hands.
  7. No Acrid Fumes.
  8. Effective within 15 seconds and Protection up to 12 Hours.
  9. No Loss in Transportation.


Directions for Using:

Step 1: Beat a few and it easy to split.

Step 2: Split the two connections.

Step 3: Split the two coils.

Step 4: Take out the bracket.

Step 5: Divided the bracket into this shape.

Step 6: Stuck the center, and light.





  1. Be aware of fire.
  2. Eating is forbidden.
  3. keep Out of reach of children.
  4. Never use the product direct under the ceiling fan, otherwise it will affect the efficacy.
  5. Wash hands after touching coils.
  6. Store in dry place.
  7. Keep away from foodstuff and inflammable materials.
  8. In case of intoxication, please go to your nearest professional physician immediately.





We are pleased to introduce N. Biswas Group is the only manufacturer of Eco Friendly Plant Fiber Mosquito Coil first time ever in Bangladesh. We have been doing business for more than 3 decades with very good reputation in Bangladesh. We are also manufacturer of Safety Match box, Auto brick, PP Woven Bag, Lighter, Charcoal etc. We started our journey with N. Zaman Industries Ltd.  which was established in 1986 with tobacco trading. Later we made two brands in hand made cigarette, which was “Zaman” and “Sabbi”. The company still doing business with these brands. The factory is about 15000 square meters and production capacity is about 10-15 million cigarette sticks per month.


Back in 1998 we have expanded our business in FMCG products. We established Nuruzzaman Biswas Industries Ltd. in 1998. The company came up with two products; one was Safety Match and the other was P.P Woven bag. In safety match we have three brands, which is “ROCKET”, “RAJDHANI” and “LIGHT BOX”. We are producing quality products with full automatic machine. We are one of the pioneers in Bangladesh in automatic match making industry. There are five match box making industry in Bangladesh and we are one of them. We contribute 15-20% of the total market. This factory is on 20000 square meters and capable of producing 40-42 million match boxes per month.  At the same time, we make P.P woven bag, laminated woven bag, Leno/mesh bags for potato, fruits and vegetables. Our production capacity is about 150 tons per month. Which is about 1.8-2.0 million pieces of bags. Our bags mostly used for packing rice, flower, feed, sesame, spinning and various kinds of products for packing. Our P.P woven bag company is one of the biggest in country. We indirectly export to many countries around the world. This factory area is around 20000 square meters.


Later in 2014 the company moved into another product, which is first time in Bangladesh. The product is “Plant Fiber Mosquito Coil” and the brand name is “ROCKET”. We have all the approvals and certifications from the government to use “Dimefluthrine” from Sumitomo chemical company. We have all the license and government approvals to produce plant fiber mosquito coils in Bangladesh. Our production process starts with recycle products so this project is “ECO” friendly. Factory area is more than three acres with 50000 square feet of factory shade.


Recently the company moved the business nature to trade different kind of commodities. As the company engaged into manufacturing mosquito coils so the company also made a plant for making charcoal. After meeting own demand, the company started to trade hardwood, bamboo, coconut shell and jute stick charcoal.


All of our products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world. Well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout all stages of production enables us to guarantee total customer satisfaction.






Q1: Are you a manufacturer?

A: Yes, we have our own factory.


Q2: Do you accept OEM service?

A: Yes. We accept OEM service, you can create your own desire brand and packing style.

We accept customer’s own designs and OEM design orders.

if our mosquito coil meets your interests, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to start business with you.

We look forward to working with more OEM distributor and partners, and create a better future!

As we see traditional mosquito coil or wood powder coil, which has high smoke and more chance to break.

You can easily introduce our plant fiber mosquito coil which is eco-friendly and much better than wood coil and this Coil is unbreakable so no loss in transportation. So if you are interested in fiber coil, we can supply you the best quality ready mosquito coil or raw coil (without poison/ active) if you need.


Q3: Can I get discount?

A: The larger quantity the lower price.


Q4: How can I get your quotation?

A: Please let me know the product details you need, your purchase quantity and other requirement, etc. We will provide the quotation.


Q5: How do you make our business long-term and good relationship?

A: 1. We keep good quality and competitive price to ensure our customers benefit;

2. Prompt Delivery to entire country.

3. We respect every customer as our friend and we sincerely do business and make friends with them, no matter where they come from.





Single packet 5 pairs or 10 pcs coil in one single foil packet. One metal stand included.
One Master bag 60 packets or 300 pairs coil in one master bag.

BOPP laminated bag used in each master bag.

1 Master bag 8 KG


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Alibaba page address: alibaba.Rocket plant fiber coil